How to Tell If a Woman is Interested in You

Sometimes it becomes a bit hard for a man to tell if a certain woman is interested in him or not. One may assume that she is interested in you while in the reality she is not. To fully understand this, we will cover the most important things you should check for, so that you can tell if a woman is interested in you. If you are looking for expert level guidance you should check out the Unlock Her Legs scrambler technique which you can read about here.

Check the position of the body

There are a few and clearer signs of definite attraction. Reading the body language of a lady is simpler than most of other things that guys try to do. If she keeps on facing you, then there is likelihood that she is interested in you. On the other hand, the more she faces away, then the chances are that her mind is occupied by other things and thus she is not interested.  Even once a woman becomes your girlfriend, knowing how to read her body language is always going to help your situation.

Consider eye contact

Eye contact is basically a universal symbol of human attraction. All people including infants maintain eye contact with those who they are interested in. Women tend to stare at those they are interested in for around two to three seconds. This kind of look is known as copulatory gaze. If a lady is interested in a man, her pupils usually dilate during this time limit. Eye contact is very basic despite the fact that most men overlook it when they are looking for signs of if she is interested in you. Therefore, anytime you are talking to a lady and she is looking directly into your eyes, then it means that she might be interested in what you are saying to her.


If a woman has some special interests in you, she might blush as well. This can be due to the fact that attraction makes one’s body temperature to rise or due to shyness of being attracted to a guy. Blushing is really interesting since it is entirely autonomic. A lady cannot fake attraction by blushing. This is because it happens involuntarily.

She enjoys talking to you

If a woman likes spending most of her time having a conversation with you, this is a good sign that she has some interest in you. It is noticeable when she just chats with you politely. However, some women are nice and therefore they talk nicely and politely to everyone but you should be in a position to notice the difference.

In conclusion, above are some tips on how to tell if a woman is interested in you or not. Use them and they will work out fine for you.