Is The Girlfriend Activation System Worth The Money?

girlfriend activation system reviewWe’ve got one of my all time favorite dating guides to review today. It’s the Girlfriend Activation System by Christian H. To call it a dating guide is probably a bit unfair. It’s more like a complete blueprint and training course to take a guy from being completely average with women (or even sucking terribly) to being a rock star in the eyes of the girls.

In this Girlfriend Activation System review we will be pulling back the curtain to see what’s inside the program so that you can decide for yourself if the girlfriend activation system lives up to the hype. It’s not just me that finds this program worthwhile and gives it favorable reviews, there are also thousands of guys that have participated in the program that claim it has changed their lives.

What is the Girlfriend Activation System?

The Girlfriend Activation System is so much more than many of the ebooks that have been available over the years in the space of seduction and dating. This program is based on video training. The videos were recorded as part of a two day seminar conducted by the team at The Social Man.

The seminar videos are presented as a set of modules. There are over 20 videos in all. They take you through a step by step system that lead you to the point of being able to attract a woman and make her your girlfriend.

The Girlfriend Activation System videos cover topics that encompass the whole range of issues facing the single man. From how to approach a girl, what to say when starting a conversation through to when and where to go for a date. It also covers the different types of situations faced when dating. There’s the first date, the social date and ending with the sex date. Each video on the topics provides it’s own blueprint on how to handle each encounter.

Also in the Girlfriend Activation System Package

Once you purchase the course there are a number of other items included that are additional to the course videos. Each module of the course includes downloadable power point slides so that you can follow along with the seminar videos. The entire series is also available as audio recording that can be downloaded as well to make it easier to listen to the content where ever you like.

Inside the GFAS members area there are the active member’s forums. This is a great resource where members of the system can ask each other questions and provide advice. I personally found this invaluable. Each time that you reach a sticky situation with a woman there is someone to turn to that knows exactly how to navigate it.

Is the Girlfriend Activation System Worth the Money?

The short answer is yes. The entire system only costs $67 and there is a whole lot of value the you receive for that money. It’s actually a no brainer as the course comes with a full 12 month guarantee. You can try it and if it doesn’t work for you or isn’t what you expected you can get your money back. No questions.